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•TILE AND Grout Cleaning: With the use of steam cleaning technology, (327 degrees) penetrates deep into the grout, sanitizing and eliminating dirt, bacteria, soap scum, mineral and mildew build up. No harsh chemicals needed! 

•GROUT COLOR SEALING: After grout is installed over time the grout will stain and discolor. This is where color sealing comes in. After the grout has been steam cleaned, the color sealer of your choice will be applied to all grout joints leaving a great new look for years to come. 

 • REGROUTING: Sometimes it is more effective to remove and replace grout (in smaller grout joints) bathrooms, showers, floors, counter tops etc. To minimize dust, Old dirty, stained grout will be removed by hand and new grout will be installed. Replacing the grout will prevent future damage and also add a new great look. 

 • RECAULKING: Caulk provides a water-tight seal on tubs, showers, counter tops and sinks. Once cracked, water can and will cause water damage behind to walls floors etc. Replacing your caulk will prevent future damage.

WATER DAMAGE REPAIR: All water damaged areas will be removed and replaced with new waterproof backer board. In most cases, tile can be scraped, cleaned and reused to match like there was no damage at all. 

TILE REPLACEMENT: Tiles can be removed and replaced with extra tiles you may have in your home or matched from local store. We replace old, cracked, chipped and broken tiles.    

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